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The Community

The birth of the community began with coming together to train. The commitment and dedication towards our fitness goals is what kept us connected. However, the motivation and support of training as one team is the reason that’s keeping us to work towards those goals on a daily basis. This community is built around different training concepts:

The Absolute Rowing Concept

This Is Not your Average High intensity training With long sequences of breaks or rest. This is to the core a declaration of war to your fitness ability. During this workout you will challenge every aspect of your stamina and conditioning ability. This workout will have you thinking twice about you’re fitness agility. Its up to 20 Exercises performed back to back whilst always coming back to the rowing Machine for 250 m for a regular session and/or 500 m for an elite one. If you’re looking for a Challenge start with this one.


Back to the origins !!!! Romans is all about How many sets or reps you think your body can handle. The Romans Workout is a high repetition training of the basics; it’s a positive shock to the system to build lean muscle, strength, & endurance. This session is not about how much you can lift but it’s about endurance (how far you can maintain it in one go). Sweat will be on the ground and you will leave the gym pumped like a pro. Hydration is key during this session.

Body By Sweat

Ok Let me be clear , if you sign up for this one it won’t be similar to the workouts where you have time to grab water or wipe your face. This is your heartbeat under your feet and you constantly doing Lunges looking for oxygen. If you’re an athlete or have the desire to train like one have a good nights sleep before hitting this session; because this session will make your body wake up like no coffee has done before. The sentence “ are we done yet?” will be racing through your mind during the entire session but once you’re done you will feel like you climbed Everest because you did it!!!!!! Next time you will want to grab a friend!!!

One Your Toe

Skipping Rope will be your friend, and choosing it shows a willingness to learn something different. You will jump like never before and because you have a body you will move on tempo in a way that will surprise you. This is no time to stop for a quick social Media selfie during OYT ; The next move will have you questioning whether its regular training or an elite army fitness preparation. You will experience the burn and also feel energized after this one

Kankode Camp

It’s a Wild, Row it, Brutal training camp. This is a 2 hour session not for jokers who want to impress people. In this session we train together and push each other to do more, it’s a combination of indoor and outdoor training so expect to run with random equipment. This is the Royal Ramble battle of the week; a way to salute all your weeks efforts and say hello to the weekend. During this workout you will experience muscle fatigue, and a rigorous test of muscle endurance as well as your aerobic threshold.
⚠️ If you have an injury or are a beginner this is not the perfect fit for you. Don’t worry you will eventually get there. Set it as a goal to achieve.


This is when you have to built a team by picking someone who you can challenge and also a team mate who’s going to challenge you, they will need to push you and support you through your weaknesses. Your mind will turn into a clock and your voice will be a scream at your partner to be done fast or to slow down! Its a paired workout while hitting the same muscle groups in both speed and slower intensity moves. Expect to have a new workout buddy at the end of this session.



Class description coming soon

Hit The Road

Class Description coming soon

Each concept has a different target and different tempo, which will expose you to vast range of exercises that will help you explore your body and understand it on a higher level. We share moments as one, we train as one and we grow together as one.

From Heart


From Heart

Their story

When it comes to training, everyone has a story. Whether it’s how awful their first step through a push up was or simply how trying to start that life changing fitness journey has been. To each of my clients I stand by this, as a fitness trainer you don’t train anyone unless they allow you to train them. It’s a process that requires trust and healthy communication with good guidance. Here they express themselves and they share how they became passionate, while building a better version of themselves. Here they tell their stories.
My passion, Their stories.
— Coach Zack ! —